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Database Essentials
Database Administration : Daily monitoring tasks : Monitoring the database log file

Monitoring the database log file

The database log file contains a wealth of information about database activities. OpenEdge places many pieces of information in the file, beyond simple logon and logoff information. For example, when the database is started, all of your startup parameter settings are placed in the log file. This information can be used to verify the settings in your parameter file (.pf) or your file.
Regularly pay attention to error log entries in the log file because OpenEdge places serious errors in this file when they occur. Most users do not report an error to the administrator unless it happens more than once. Error details are automatically recorded in the log file, providing an administrator accurate data so that the appropriate corrective action can be taken.
The log file for a given database should be truncated on a regular basis to keep the length manageable. The PROLOG utility is used to keep the log file manageable. This utility should be run after you back up the log file.
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