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Database Essentials
Administrative Planning : Memory usage : Estimating memory requirements : Example memory budget
Example memory budget
Here is an example of a machine with 1GB of RAM, 50 local users, and one 8KB-block-size database using 10,000 database buffers:
*Operating system memory
*28MB OS
*100MB OS buffers
*OpenEdge memory
*16MB executable
*88MB database broker ((8KB * 10000) * 1.1)
*250MB to 500MB for users
Total memory requirement: 582MB to 832MB.
The system can run without significant paging, allowing you to use the additional memory for other applications or to further increase the memory utilization for OpenEdge by increasing database broker parameters, like –B. Once the broker is as efficient as possible, you can look into increasing local user parameters like –mmax.
In many cases there other applications running on the system also. You should consider the memory used by these additional applications to accurately determine memory estimates.