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Database Essentials
Administrative Planning : Data layout : Calculating database storage requirements : Database-related size criteria
Database-related size criteria
When planning the size of your database, use the formulas described in the following table to calculate the approximate amount of disk space (in bytes) required for a database. For limits on any of these elements, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.
Table 15. Formulas for calculating database size
Database size
schema size  +  data table size  +  index size
Schema size
Typically, between 1 and 100MB1
Data table size
Sum of individual table sizes
Individual table size
number of records x field storage x 1.5
Index size
Sum of individual index sizes
Individual index size
number of records in the table being indexed x (7 + number of fields index +field storage ) x 2

1 To determine the schema size, load the schema into an empty database and check the size of your database—this is the size of your schema.

Additional disk space is required for the following purposes:
*Sorting (allow twice the space required to store the table)
*Temporary storage of the primary recovery (BI) area
*Before-image storage in the primary recovery area
*After-image storage in the after-image storage area