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Transparent Data Encryption : Transparent Data Encryption in OpenEdge RDBMS : What is encryptable

What is encryptable

OpenEdge allows encryption of the following database elements:
*Type I areas
*Type II table
*Type II index
*Type II LOB
Note: You cannot encrypt the Schema area of your database. You can encrypt your audit data tables.
OpenEdge encrypts the following storage files:
*BI files
*AI files
*Backup files
*Binary dump (if requested)
*Audit archive (if requested)
BI and AI files are encrypted by default. You can disable their encryption, but doing so is highly discouraged, because doing so creates the possibility that unencrypted copies of your encrypted data is stored in the BI and AI files. Backup files are always encrypted. Binary dump (and audit archive) files are not encrypted by default, even if the data being dumped is encrypted. You can encrypt your dump files with a password based encryption (PBE) cipher by adding an additional parameter to the command. If you intend to keep your dump or archive for an extended period of time, or transfer it, encrypting it may be prudent. For more information on encrypting a dump file, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.
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