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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Transparent Data Encryption : Configuring Transparent Data Encryption policies : OpenEdge SQL support for transparent data encryption : Viewing encryption policy with the SHOW ENCRYPT statement
Viewing encryption policy with the SHOW ENCRYPT statement
The SHOW ENCRYPT statement provides encryption policy information on the primary database. It can be used only by security administrators or DBAs. It uses the following syntax:
                 | TABLE table_name[ WITH INDEX |WITH LOB ]
                 | TABLE table_name ON INDEX index_name}
When run, the statement returns a result set with eight columns:
*Database object type (AREA, TABLE, INDEX, LOB)
*Database object name
*Objects table name (blank for area)
*Database object name (blank for area)
*Database object identification
*Object policy state (CURRENT or PREVIOUS)
*Object policy cipher name
*Object policy version number
Only active policies are returned by the statement. The only option which shows Type I area encryption information is the SQL statement SHOW ENCRYPTION ON ALL. Other options on SHOW ENCRYPT show encryption information only for Type II area database objects.