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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Auditing : Developing an Audit-enabled OpenEdge Application : Audit-enabling your OpenEdge application : Updating an existing ABL application with auditing
Updating an existing ABL application with auditing
If your application already has auditing support, you can migrate the application (provided you have audit data archiver privileges) to use the new OpenEdge auditing by doing the following tasks:
1. Migrate existing data into the OpenEdge auditing schema format using a designated ABL application run by an audit data archiver.
This includes adding to the application any code required to support auditing, creating a policy, identifying the events to audit, committing the changes, and activating the policy. Additionally, the schema trigger settings must be removed.
2. Migrate your applications trigger code to remove the record-level information and form the application-level information to fit into the ABL language statements and auditing record field formats.