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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Auditing : Deploying an Audit-enabled OpenEdge Application : Configuring auditing at the production site : Setting up audit administration
Setting up audit administration
Production sites might choose to combine the duties of administering audit data with that of administering the entire database, or they might choose to separate the responsibilities into two distinct functions. By default, the OpenEdge database provides the database administrator with rights to be the audit administrator.
If you prefer not to use the default and instead want to separate the functions, do the following:
1. Designate the first user account that will be an audit administrator.
2. Using Data Administration, grant that user account the audit administrator privilege and the right to grant it to other users. For more information, see the Data Administration Help.
Note: It is recommended that you have an alternate audit administrator in place to handle any unforeseen emergency situations.
3. Disconnect from the database and then authenticate as the designated audit administrator. You can now grant auditing privileges to other users and begin configuring the auditing policy for the database.