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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Preface : Purpose


OpenEdge® supports two core business services: security and auditing. Security comprises several different functions, such as authentication, authorization, confidentiality, integrity, trust, identity management, and auditing. Auditing is a core business service in its own right, providing you with the means to track who did what, where, when, and how.
This manual provides an overview of security features supported by OpenEdge and all of its components, with references on where to find more information about them. OpenEdge provides security features that affect access to individual components and features. It also provides support for features of a Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) that you can use to secure communications among OpenEdge components on a network. This manual provides a primary point of reference for information on PKI and how OpenEdge implements features of a PKI as part of its overall security support.
The manual also provides information about identity management in OpenEdge and an overview of auditing features supported by OpenEdge, such as auditing security, developing and deploying an audit-enabled application, and maintaining, querying, and reporting on audit data.