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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Transparent Data Encryption : OpenEdge Key Store : Key store maintenance : Modifying passphrases
Modifying passphrases
It is a good security practice to update passphrases on a regular basis. PROUTIL EPOLICY MANAGE KEYSTORE provides the ability to update the user and admin passphrases. The following example updates the user passphrase. You must specify the key store admin pass pr ha se with -Passphrase if the database is not enabled for autostart with the admin account, as shown:
proenv>proutil dest_db -C epolicy manage keystore userphrase -Passphrase
OpenEdge Release 10.2B1P as of Fri Nov 20 19:01:52 EST 2009
Enter the key store passphrase for database dest_db:

This command modifies encryption access control in the Key store file. After
successful completion of the command, the Keystore file must be backed-up. (15518)
Enter new passphrase [required] :

Please Retype your Passphrase for Verification
Enter new passphrase [required] :

Observe that no message is provided to indicate that the passphrase was successfully changed. If the passphrase change is unsuccessful, error messages are provided.
The admin passphrase can be changed by substituting adminphrase for userphrase.