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Security : Security in OpenEdge : Integration service security features

Integration service security features

OpenEdge supports two middleware adapters that provide messaging and integration services to OpenEdge applications. The OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ® (SonicMQ Adapter) allows ABL applications to communicate with other applications using the Java Message Service (JMS) infrastructure managed by SonicMQ.
The OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB® (Sonic ESB Adapter) allows AppServer application services to be accessed as services (OpenEdge services) on the Sonic ESB (Sonic Enterprise Service Bus) using a similar interface to that provided by the WSA to access AppServer application services as OpenEdge Web services. However, in addition to allowing AppServer application services to be accessed as Web services, the Sonic ESB allows them to participate in the same client-service and inter-service interactions as any service hosted on the ESB.
All security for the JMS infrastructure accessed by the SonicMQ Adapter as well as for the ESB infrastructure in which the Sonic ESB Adapter participates is provided by either SonicMQ or the Sonic ESB. For more information, see the Sonic documentation for these products.
However, OpenEdge does support data privacy using SSL, as follows:
*Over connections between the AVM and the OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ BrokerConnect. SonicMQ BrokerConnect provides messaging services both for Internet connections for ABL clients indirectly through the AppServer Internet Adapter to the BrokerConnect and for intranet connections for ABL clients directly to the BrokerConnect. For Internet access to the SonicMQ BrokerConnect, OpenEdge provides the following options to maximize compatibility with firewalls:
*TCP/IP port management
*Network Address Translation (NAT) and distributed configurations
*NameServer client port range value settings
*Direct connection to the SonicMQ BrokerConnect without a NameServer to avoid UDP conflicts with firewalls
*Over intranet connections between the OpenEdge services managed by the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB and the AppServer.
For more information on SSL in OpenEdge, see Application network security using SSL. For more information on OpenEdge integration services and their architectures, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Application and Integration Services.