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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Auditing : Audit Security : Managing audit privileges : Granting audit privileges
Granting audit privileges
A security administrator grants the initial audit privileges; the administrator inherits this responsibility simply by being a security administrator or an ABL administrator. The specific steps the administrator follows differ depending on whether the administrator is working in a Windows or on a UNIX platform, and whether the administrator is an ABL security administrator or an SQL DBA.
At the time the first audit administrator is created, any audit privileges granted to user accounts by the security administrator will remain in effect until they have been specifically revoked.
This section provides an overview of the grant process. For the specific steps, see the following additional sources of information:
*If you are an ABL administrator in a GUI platform, see the Data Administration online help.
*If you are an ABL administrator on a UNIX platform, see either the Data Dictionary online help or OpenEdge Development: Basic Database Tools.
*If you are an SQL DBA, see OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Development.
* Granting audit privileges in ABL
* Granting audit privileges in SQL