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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Transparent Data Encryption : Transparent Data Encryption in OpenEdge RDBMS : Data security : Encrypted Data Configuration
Encrypted Data Configuration
Transparent Data Encryption stores its configuration in a set of security policy table records. These security policy records must be securely stored and administered. The security of policies is guaranteed by:
*Storing security policies in a separate Type II storage area that has special built-in ABL, SQL, and database utility access controls
*Disallowing direct record access by either ABL or SQL language clients to security policy table records
*Allowing security policy table records to be administered only by an authenticated user via:
*SQL DDL language statements (SQL database administrator)
*ABL [system] object methods from within the Data Dictionary or Data Administration, connected as a single user or shared memory connection to the database (Security administrator)
*PROUTIL commands executed on the system where the database is located (ABL or SQL database administrator)
*Specifying OpenEdge auditing events and reports to track Security policy administration