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Transparent Data Encryption : Transparent Data Encryption in OpenEdge RDBMS : Defining the problem space

Defining the problem space

When data is lost or stolen, there can be serious consequences. Data can be lost in many ways from the simple to the complex. For example, a laptop with sensitive data can be stolen, or hackers can breach corporate security through a deliberate attack. In the end, lost data can result in a loss of revenue, a loss of customer confidence, or even financial and legal penalties.
An increasing number of government regulations, industry standards, and company liability issues are driving corporations to require that their software vendors support data privacy "while at rest" and "when in transit". Database encryption is just one aspect of the larger requirement to provide end-to-end application data privacy, fulfilling the "while at rest" need.
To satisfy end-to-end data privacy requirements, database and middleware vendors apply data encryption, user authentication, and user authorization technologies at key points throughout their architecture. A clear text copy of the data can only be provided to an authenticated client who has explicitly been granted access to that data. Transparent Data Encryption enables OpenEdge application partners and direct end-users to complete end-to-end data privacy requirements.
* Providing data privacy