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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Auditing : Developing an Audit-enabled OpenEdge Application : Developing an audit-enabled application : Defining application audit events
Defining application audit events
You use Audit Policy Maintenance to identify the application-defined audit events you want to use in your application. You supply a unique event ID number (32000 or above), a description, and a type name. You can reuse the OpenEdge type names, or you can create your own type names. You can use the type names to categorize your events, which allow you to group like events together for reporting ease.
There is no single best way to define an application audit event or determine where to place events in your application. In general, one application audit event describes a single application entity, object, process, or task that is auditable but has no related database record operation. For example, use a separate event for a sales order, inventory pull-ticket, or a Web-service method extraction.
For information about application context and audit event groups, see Setting up OpenEdge auditing context.