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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Auditing : Developing an Audit-enabled OpenEdge Application : Audit-enabling your OpenEdge application : Implementing additional auditing options : Bootstrapping the audit administrator user
Bootstrapping the audit administrator user
To get auditing running, you must set up security, deciding if you are going to have a separation of duty as far as auditing privileges are concerned. Will the security and database administrators manage auditing, or should it be a separate task?
If the database administrators are handling the auditing tasks, the DBAs will want to grant themselves audit data archiver privileges. If the DBAs are not handling auditing and they want to abdicate responsibility to a primary and a secondary audit administrator, those audit administrators can set up the audit reader and audit data archiver permissions for other users.
It is recommended that you have an audit data archiver account separate from the audit administrator account. The audit data archiver privilege can prove potentially dangerous if entrusted to the wrong hands, as the audit data archiver can delete records or create misleading records, thereby creating refutable data.
For more information, see Audit Security.