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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Overview : OpenEdge Core Business Services : Auditing service

Auditing service

The OpenEdge auditing core business service is a fully integrated, highly configurable, secure solution that includes auditing for the OpenEdge database, database utilities, ABL and SQL applications. Because auditing can consume large amounts of resources, you audit only the events you want, and to the level of detail you specify, by creating policies.
To help you get started with auditing, OpenEdge includes several predefined OpenEdge audit policies, which you can import and use to begin collecting audit data. For more information, see Getting started and the Audit Policy Maintenance tool online help.
The OpenEdge auditing solution includes:
*Run-time auditing
*Audit trails
*Common auditing approach
*Audit policies
*Audit security
*Querying and reporting
*Archiving audit data
*Enabling and disabling auditing
* Run-time auditing
* Audit trails
* Common auditing approach
* Audit policies
* Audit security
* Querying and reporting
* Archiving audit data
* Enabling and disabling auditing