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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Auditing : Audit Security : Audit policy security

Audit policy security

Audit Policy Maintenance enables you to create and maintain audit policies (from simple to more complex) for application events, database events, and internal (to OpenEdge) system events. The exception to auditable events is any event that is hard coded and cannot be disabled through policy, such as when an audit archive or audit load, for example, is being done, since disabling these could compromise the security of the data.
In order to create and activate an audit policy, you must be an authenticated audit administrator, or a security administrator with audit administrator privileges. Granting of these privileges occurs within Data Administration or the Data Dictionary for ABL administrators and through the SQL GRANT statement for SQL administrators. For more information, see the Data Administration online help, OpenEdge Development: Basic Database Tools, or OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Development.
* Sealing the audit data
* Resolving audit policy conflicts
* Exporting audit policy configuration as an XML file