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OpenEdge Change Data Capture Guide
Extract Transform Load (ETL) : ETL defined

ETL defined

ETL is a process for executing the three steps in its acronym.
ETL "tools" combine these three functions :
*Data is extracted from one database and loaded into another database
*A transformation may be made to the data, based on the needs of the external application, before it is loaded into the external data repository
ETL "tools" are free-form, and can divide and combine these three concepts or functions into as few or as many steps or programs as required to complete the process of moving data to an external data warehouse.
Companies can write their own ETL tools, or choose from one of the tools that are available in the market place.
The extraction, transformation, and loading of CDC data can be done using OpenEdge ABL, OpenEdge SQL, or a third party tool. With CDC you can increase ETL efficiencies through the accurate identification, tracking and storing of changes. There is also no need for downtime of the OpenEdge RDBMS to extract the data, or changes to the application to save it.