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OpenEdge Change Data Capture Guide
Planning for Change Data Capture : Creating CDC Policies

Creating CDC Policies

Capturing data with CDC requires you to create policies that define the tables and fields that are tracked, and the amount of change recorded. There are two ways to create policies:
*Create Policies with the Database Administration Console of OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer
The Database Administration Console provides you with a graphical user interface to define policies. For more information see, OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Managing Change Data Capture in Databases or the online help for details.
The ABL API for CDC is a set of ABL user-defined classes and interfaces that enables you to access and update the schema of a database without having to know the details of the ABL API. To make your task easier, OpenEdge enables you to generate a CDC policy program as a template that you can modify to create CDC policies. To generate this program, you must have at least one existing CDC policy for a source table. For more information see, OpenEdge Development: Programming Interfaces for details.