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OpenEdge Change Data Capture Guide
CDC Schema : CDC Policy Table

CDC Policy Table

The following table describes the fields of the _Cdc-Table-Policy.
Table 6. _Cdc-Table-Policy schema
Field Name
Data Type
Unique CDC policy id
Policy name
Policy description
CDC policy state
*0 — Active
*1 — Inactive
CDC assigned instances
*0 — Current policy (currently capturing data)
*1 — Previous policy
*2 — Pending policy
Dbkey of the source table
Initial area to store the CDC Change Table. Areas must be Type II.
Initial area to store CDC Change Table indexes. Areas must be Type II. If not specified, indexes default to the same area as the Change Table.
Filename of the Change Table
File number of the Change Table
Does the user want to define identifying fields and create an index for them? (Y/N)
*A level setting of 0 is not modifiable once a policy has been activated.
*All levels record entries in the Change Tracking Table.
*Levels 1 and above cause creation of the Change Table.
*Levels 2 and above record values in the Change Table.
Defines how much detail a user wants to capture in the change record.
*0 – (minimal tracking)
No record values are recorded. This level of tracking indicates a change occurred. A Change Tracking Record is generated and the fieldmap of fields is empty. No Change Table is created for this level. This level cannot be changed/upgraded to a higher level once this policy is active and committed.
*1 – (minimal tracking)
Similar to level 0 minimal tracking, level 1 of tracking only generates a Change Tracking Record, but it includes a fieldmap indicating which fields changed. It also does not include a Change Table record. Unlike level 0, a Change Table is created for compatibility moving to higher level policies.
*2 – (Medium tracking)
All operations record the current value only.
*3 – (Maximum tracking)
Both previous value and current value are recorded (Applies to record update only).
Default value for the Change Table owner is PUB. If another owner is desired, specify here.
Default to encrypt Change Table if Source Table is encrypted. (Y/N)
timestamp tz
Time stamp reflecting when the _Policy-Instance changed. Changes occur when:
*The policy is first created
*The policy becomes current
*The policy becomes previous.
Beginning of user data fields in Change Table.
Reserved for future use.
The following table describes the indexes of the _Cdc-Table-Policy.
Table 7. _Cdc-Table-Policy indexes
Index Name
Index Field
Index Name
Index Field
1 _Policy-Id
1 _Policy-Name
1 _Owner-Name
2 _Source-File-Recid