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Application and Integration Services
OpenEdge Messaging and ESB : OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Sonic Management Console

Sonic Management Console

The Sonic Management Console (SMC) is the graphical interface to a set of tools for managing the entire Sonic messaging and application environment, including both Sonic ESB and the required underlying messaging infrastructure, SonicMQ. SMC is the primary means of performing administration and configuration tasks for all services and the elements (such as process definitions) and resources (such as service definitions) that support them.
A command-line tool, called the ESB Admin Tool, is also available for most of these administrative tasks.
Note: The OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB does not appear as such in the Sonic Management Console. It is the presence of the two OpenEdge Services entries (OpenEdge Native Services and OpenEdge Web Services) in the ESB Configured Objects that indicates that the adapter is installed. Furthermore, the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB does not appear in the user interface of any OpenEdge tool.
For more information on these Sonic ESB management tools, see the Sonic ESB product documentation.