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Application and Integration Services
Preface : Purpose


This manual is the starting point to learn about OpenEdge® support for service-oriented architectures (SOA). It provides a comprehensive overview of the many OpenEdge product components and features that support application development and deployment in an SOA environment. These products and features include:
*The OpenEdge AppServer™
*The Open Client Toolkit
*The AppServer Internet Adapter
*Web Services in OpenEdge
*Messaging and ESB in OpenEdge
All of these product components and features share one of the following functions:
*They comprise part of the OpenEdge Application Server product set, which provides the core support for application and integration services.
*They play a unique role within OpenEdge application and integration services to help you develop and deploy applications as part of an SOA.
This overview includes an introduction to services, services-oriented architectures, and distributed computing, a broad overview of the OpenEdge Application Server architecture, and a detailed introduction and architecture for each OpenEdge component and feature to help you decide if and how to use it. It also provides references to further documentation on how to use these components and features for application development, deployment, and administration.