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Application and Integration Services
AppServer for OpenEdge Applications : Connection-based model : Physical connection IDs

Physical connection IDs

When an AppServer accepts a connection request from a client, the AppServer broker assigns a connection identifier (ID) that uniquely identifies the connection between a client and an AppServer. The AppServer broker and all AppServer agents use the connection ID as an identifier when they log any information associated with the connection. OpenEdge also makes this connection ID available to both the client application and the AppServer application, which they can use to maintain any connection-related information, such as an application log.
This connection ID has the following syntax:
The host name of the machine where the connected AppServer is running.
The name of the connected AppServer configuration. For more information on how you can specify this name, see the chapter on AppServer administration in OpenEdge Application Server: Administration.
A value guaranteed to be globally unique for all time. This value can never be generated by some other connection at the same or a different AppServer within a single computer network.
In general, you can compare connection IDs strictly for equality, but other types of comparisons are meaningless.