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Application and Integration Services
OpenEdge Messaging and ESB : OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ

OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ

Application programmers can utilize JMS messaging from ABL (Advanced Business Language) with the OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ, allowing the OpenEdge application to exchange messages with applications, including applications written in other languages, that also use SonicMQ. You can write ABL applications that access the OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ through an ABL-JMS API that works the same on all platforms and in all configurations (GUI, character, WebClient, AppServer, WebSpeed, and batch).
Note: JMS is a Java standard for inter-application messaging. SonicMQ implements an extension to this standard with significant enhancements, focusing on reliability of message delivery. For more information, see the SonicMQ documentation available at:
* OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ architecture