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Application and Integration Services
AppServer Internet Adapter

AppServer Internet Adapter

The AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA) Web-enables the AppServer or OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ BrokerConnect (for ABL—Advanced Business Language—clients only) by supporting HTTP and HTTPS protocols for sending information between the client and AppServer (or OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ BrokerConnect) across the Internet. Internet access provides a way for clients to access an AppServer (or OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ BrokerConnect) when the clients and server are separated by firewalls that require connections using HTTP or HTTPS. Using the AIA, you can access the AppServer over the Internet with any Web-enabled ABL client, .NET Open Client, or Java Open Client.
For information on the AppServer, see AppServer for OpenEdge Applications and for information on the OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ, see OpenEdge Messaging and ESB. You can also use the OpenEdge Knowledge Base on the Web ( for information about Web-enabled ABL clients. For information on Open Client applications, see OpenEdge Development: Open Client Introduction and Programming.
Note: In this chapter, all occurrences of the term "AppServer" can also mean "OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ BrokerConnect."
* General architecture
* Using the AppServer Internet Adapter with HTTP
* Using the AppServer Internet Adapter with HTTPS
* How clients use HTTPS
* AppServer Internet Adapter and proxy servers