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Application and Integration Services
OpenEdge Application Server Architecture : AppServer clients overview

AppServer clients overview

As described in the previous section, the AppServer supports a variety of OpenEdge and non-OpenEdge clients, each of which has its own capabilities and requirements. In addition to the general OpenEdge client support, the OpenEdge AppServer also supports 10.2A03 (or later) and 10.2B01 (or later) AppServer clients. This section describes the AppServer clients supported in OpenEdge and where to find more information about them.
In general, depending on the client and the OpenEdge configuration, a client can access an AppServer using the following methods:
*Direct TCP/IP connection to the AppServer with or without SSL tunneling and with or without the help of a NameServer (accessed using UDP)
*Indirect Internet connection using HTTP or HTTPS (see AppServer adapters overview)
*Indirect Web service connection using SOAP over HTTP or HTTPS (see AppServer adapters overview)
* ABL clients
* OpenEdge Open Clients
* Web service clients