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WebSpeed : Advantages of WebSpeed

Advantages of WebSpeed

Some of the advantages of WebSpeed as an application development and deployment environment are:
*Native database support includes access to OpenEdge, ORACLE, and MS SQL Server, plus ODBC access to DB2, Sybase, MSAccess, Informix, and other data sources.
*WebSpeed is compatible with any ISAPI, NSAPI, or CGI-compliant Web servers.
*Wizards and templates can be used to create professional, multi-page Web applications with little or no coding, significantly cutting development time while preserving the ability to customize your application.
*A flexible programming model lets you structure development based on your project requirements, embedding SpeedScript directly into your HTML pages or using HTML mapping to bind HTML files to business logic.
*Scripting Lab enables you to test code fragments quickly before adding them to your WebSpeed application, increasing productivity and helping you create feature-rich user interfaces and browser-side validation routines using JavaScript, VBScript, and Java applets.
*An open architecture integrates with your choice of security solutions, including firewall, authentication, and encryption technologies using HTTPS. In addition, you can encrypt Web application messages within the intranet on the WebSpeed end to maintain local data privacy.
*A high-performance, scalable architecture delivers fast transaction processing and handles thousands of simultaneous users under peak load.
*Dynamic load balancing ensures high availability of transaction processing resources in a distributed, multi-tier environment.
*Flexible state management offers full support for extended database queries and updates using stateless, state-passing, or state-persistent Web objects.
For information about developing and deploying WebSpeed applications see OpenEdge Application Server: Developing WebSpeed Applications. For information about configuration and security issues, see OpenEdge Application Server: Administration and OpenEdge Getting Started: WebSpeed Essentials.