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ABL Essentials
Preface : Organization


Introducing ABL
Provides an introduction to ABL including an overview of its characteristics.
Using Basic ABL Constructs
Describes the basics of writing ABL procedures.
Running ABL Procedures
Describes how you can work with and run different types of ABL procedures.
Procedure Blocks and Data Access
Describes how to integrate data-access logic into procedures using procedure blocks and record scope.
Record Buffers and Record Scope
Expands the discussion on integrating data-access logic into procedures with record buffers and record scope.
Using Queries
Describes how to implement field-level help and a complete online help system.
Defining and Using Temp-tables
Describes how to define and use temp-tables to pass result sets between application modules which is essential when creating distributed applications.
Defining Functions
Describes how to create user-defined functions.
Handling Data and Locking Records
Describes data handling and record locks from the perspective of a distributed application.
Managing Transactions
Describes how to manage database transactions.