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ABL Essentials
Using Basic ABL Constructs : Getting to online help

Getting to online help

You can access the OpenEdge Online Help system at any time just by pressing the F1 key. Help is context-sensitive, so it always tries to come up initialized to a section of the help files that seems relevant to what you're doing. For example, if you press F1 from within the Editing Options dialog box, you get help on the options in that dialog box:
In an OpenEdge editor, if you highlight one or more keywords in a procedure and press F1, you get help for that type of statement.
Try accessing online help:
1. In your test procedure, highlight the keywords DEFINE VARIABLE, then press F1:
The online help window appears showing the help keyword index:
2. Click Display to see the help text for this entry:
3. Click the Contents button to access the available online help for all the OpenEdge tools, or click the Find button to specify one or more key words to search for in the help text.