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ABL Essentials
Defining and Using Temp-tables : Using temp-tables in your application : ABL work-tables

ABL work-tables

Before you proceed, you should know that there is a variation on the temp-table supported in ABL called a work-table. You use a DEFINE WORK-TABLE statement to define one. This is an older feature that predates temp-tables and lacks some of their features. Most important, a work-table is memory-bound, and you must make sure your session has enough memory to hold all of the records you create in it. In addition, you cannot create indexes on work-tables. You also cannot pass a work-table as a parameter between procedures. Although you could use a work-table for an operation that needed to define a small set of temporary records that do not need a lot of memory and do not need an index, it is better to think of work-tables as being fully superseded by temp-tables. You should use the newer temp-tables for all of your temporary data storage needs.