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Introducing OpenEdge Replication : OpenEdge Replication terminology : Transition


Transition refers to the changing of the database role to perform failover. The database role may change when:
*There is a failure on the primary machine (which is hosting the source database).
*The primary machine is again up and running and you want to move activity from the secondary database back to the primary database.
If a database failure, such as a lost TCP/IP connection between the OpenEdge Replication server and the OpenEdge Replication agent, does occur, failure processing starts. If a failure occurs on the OpenEdge Replication server, the server starts a process known as failure recovery. If a failure occurs on the OpenEdge Replication agent, the agent prepares to perform transition. Transition takes place if the connection to the server remains lost.
There are two versions of transition: automatic and manual. For more information about automatic and manual transition, see Choosing a hot standby database.