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Moving From Failure to Recovery with OpenEdge Replication : OpenEdge Replication from normal activity through failure and recovery : Step 3: Entering pretransition

Step 3: Entering pretransition

Replication attempts to recover from a failure; however, if it is unable to do so, all database activity can be failed over, or transitioned, to the secondary database and machine.The first task in readying the secondary database for transition is to apply all unapplied source database after-image extents, as shown in the following figure.
Figure 15. Entering pretransition—applying all unapplied source database AI extents
The application of the extents can be accomplished only if the secondary machine has access to these extents. For example, if the extents are stored on a storage area network (SAN) device, the secondary machine must have access to the device.
* Manually applying after-image extents