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Introducing OpenEdge Replication : OpenEdge Replication terminology : Source and target databases

Source and target databases

Within the context of OpenEdge Replication, you set up one primary database and one or two secondary databases. You set up the primary database as the source database, and the secondary database(s) as the target database.
The source database and the target database must be running the same version of Progress OpenEdge and on the same platform.
As shown in the figure below, the OpenEdge Replication process copies the source database onto the target database and keeps those two databases identical. To accomplish this, OpenEdge Replication moves data from the source to the target in blocks of the same format as those written to database after-imaging files.
Figure 1. OpenEdge Replication from one site to another
The figure above also shows the source and target databases as residing on separate machines, which is the recommended configuration. Setting up the source and target on separate machines allows the target database to continue if the machine hosting the source database fails.
* The source database
* The target database
* Other source and target database characteristics