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Moving From Failure to Recovery with OpenEdge Replication : Transition : Configuring transition : Setting up manual transition
Setting up manual transition
When manual transition is set up and the OpenEdge Replication agent loses contact with the OpenEdge Replication server, the agent waits indefinitely for a transition to be performed by the DBA. If the OpenEdge Replication server reconnects any time before transition is performed, normal processing resumes.
In order for manual transition to be performed by the OpenEdge Replication agent, you must configure the following properties as described:
*The server property transition must be set to manual.
*The control-agent property critical can be set to 0, for noncritical.
*The server property transition-timeout should be set to a reasonable value. Even though this value is not used for manual transition, it should be set in case transition is, at some other time, changed to auto.
The sample properties file in the following figure can be used as a guide.
Figure 12. Source properties file with manual transition
# OpenEdge Replication properties file for a database that will be used
# as a source database for OpenEdge Replication.

As the previous figure shows, the OpenEdge Replication agent, agent1, will wait for connection from the OpenEdge Replication server indefinitelyuntil the DBA performs transition.
To perform transition manually, use the following command:
DSRUTIL target-db-name -C transition Agent