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Moving From Failure to Recovery with OpenEdge Replication : Transition : Configuring transition : Setting up automatic transition
Setting up automatic transition
When the OpenEdge Replication agent loses contact with the OpenEdge Replication server, the agent waits for a configured amount of time, known as transition-timeout, for the server to reconnect. If the OpenEdge Replication server does not reconnect before the transition-timeout expires, the target database is transitioned to a normal database by the agent.
For automatic transition to be performed by the OpenEdge Replication agent, the following must be true:
*The OpenEdge Replication server property transition must be set to auto.
*The control-agent property critical must be set to 1.
*The server property transition-timeout must be set to a reasonable value.
You can use the sample properties file in the following figure as a guide.
Figure 11. Source properties file with automatic transition
# OpenEdge Replication properties file for a database that will be used
# as a source database for OpenEdge Replication.

As the previous figure shows, the OpenEdge Replication agent, agent1, waits for connection from the OpenEdge Replication server for 1200 seconds, or 20 minutes, before it performs transition.