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OpenEdge Replication Quick Command Summary : Setting up the source and target databases : Set up the target database

Set up the target database

Use the following procedure to set up the target database:
1. Move or copy the, the source backup file, and the incremental backup from the source machine to the target machine directory.
2. Edit on your target machine to match the target physical structure.
3. If the source database is encrypted, copy the source database keystore (source-db-name.ks) to the target database directory on the target machine, and rename it with the name of the target database (target-db-name.ks).
4. Do a restore from both the backup and the incremental backup of the source database, as shown:
prorest target-db-name device-name
prorest target-db-namedevice-name2
5. Enable Replication, as shown:
proutil target-db-name -C enableSiteReplication target
6. Start the server for the target, as shown (note that -DBService is case-sensitive):
proserve -db target-db-name -DBService replagent
-S { port |service name }
For more information about setting up the source and target databases, see Overview.