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Moving From Failure to Recovery with OpenEdge Replication : Possible types of failure

Possible types of failure

When OpenEdge Replication is running, normal database activity occurs. If OpenEdge Replication encounters a failure, failure processing begins.
A lost connection, in which an OpenEdge Replication server loses contact with its agents or an agent loses contact with its server, can occur for a variety of reasons. When a lost connection occurs, the source goes into failure recovery and the target goes into transition.
The reasons why a lost connection occurs are varied. For example, a database may crash, the OpenEdge Replication server or agent may terminate abnormally, or the system hosting the replication server or agent may crash.
There may also be a break in the TCP/IP connection between the OpenEdge Replication server and its agents.
* Detecting TCP/IP communications failures
* Source failure recovery after losing connection
* Target transition after losing connection