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Moving From Failure to Recovery with OpenEdge Replication : Transition : JTA transactions and transition

JTA transactions and transition

When your source database is a JTA-enabled OpenEdge database, JTA transactions are replicated from the source database to the target database or databases. An External Transaction Manager governs transactions on a source database, not the target database(s). An External Transaction Manager can have read access to a target database.
You can not transition a database with JTA transactions in a prepared state. You can use PROMON to manually resolve outstanding transactions, however, this manual intervention should only be performed on a replication source database when there is an unrecoverable catastrophic failure to JTA transaction manager. On a target database JTA transactions can only be resolved when Replication Agent is in the "pre-transition" state of OpenEdge Replication.
For more information on JTA transactions, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration and OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Development.