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Setting Up OpenEdge Replication : Setting up the OpenEdge Replication databases : Setting up the source database with an offline backup : Step 3: Enable database after-imaging : Enable AI on your source database
Enable AI on your source database
Use the steps that follow to enable after-imaging on your source database:
1. Create a new structure file—named, for example,—and edit it to add after-imaging.
The following sample shows the structure file:
a C:\OpenEdge\WRK\ f 1024
a C:\OpenEdge\WRK\ f 2048
Be sure to give the new structure file a different name (for example, the one shown in the next step) from the one you created in Step 2: Create a structure file.
2. Apply to the source database.
The syntax follows:
prostrct add source-db-name
3. Back up the database.
The syntax follows:
probkup source-db-name source-db-backup-name
4. Begin after-imaging.
The syntax follows:
rfutil source-db-name -C aimage begin