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Reference : DSRUTIL transition qualifier

DSRUTIL transition qualifier

Instructs an OpenEdge Replication agent to transition the target database. The database transitions to the role defined in the properties file (source or normal). Use this command to perform a manual transition of a target database that is in a pre-transition state.


dsrutil db-name -C transition [ -Passphrase ][ -logging [ 1 | 2 ]]


The name of the target database to perform the action on.
-C transition
Causes the Replication agent to start transition.
The transition of a database from one role to another requires that many different operations be performed, which could include adding after-image extents, backing up the database, or starting up or shutting down the database. The passphrase is required when these operations are performed for a manual startup database that you have enabled with transparent data encryption.
Turns on transition logging.
Produces summary logging.
Produces detailed logging.