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Reference : DSRUTIL transition failover qualifier

DSRUTIL transition failover qualifier

Instructs an online OpenEdge Replication source database to switch roles with an online target database.


dsrutil source-db-name -C transition failover [ -Passphrase ][ -logging [ 1 | 2 ]]


The name of the database, currently in the role of the source replica to perform the action on.
-C transition failover
Causes the Replication source to start the process of switching roles.
The transition of a database from one role to another requires that many different operations be performed, which could include adding after-image extents, backing up the database, or starting up or shutting down the database. The passphrase is required when these operations are performed for a manual startup database that you have enabled with transparent data encryption.
Turns on transition logging.
Produces summary logging.
Produces detailed logging.
Failover transition reverses the roles of a source and target database. For details of the steps involved in failover transition, see Failback processing using transition failover.