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Reference : DSRUTIL terminate qualifier

DSRUTIL terminate qualifier

Terminates the currently running OpenEdge Replication server or agent.
The advantage to using this command is that the database stays up and running, whereas PROSHUT would shut down the database.


dsrutil db-name -C { terminate server | agent }


The name of the database to perform the action on. The name of the database must be the first argument and must be a valid name.


When the OpenEdge Replication server terminates activity, the server responds, based on the value of the agent-shutdown-action property, as follows:
*If the agent-shutdown-action is NORMAL, then the replication agent(s) terminate, and the target database stays up.
*If the agent-shutdown-action is RECOVERY, then the replication agent(s) remain active, in a stand-by state, waiting for the replication server to reconnect.