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Reference : DSRUTIL connectagent database qualifier

DSRUTIL connectagent database qualifier

The OpenEdge Replication server connects one or both of its configured agents. The advantage to using this command is that you do not have to restart your server.
This qualifier is a synonym for the startagent database qualifier.


dsrutil db-name -C connectagent {name | ALL }


The name of the database to perform the action on. The name of the database must be the first argument and must be a valid name.
name | ALL
Connect one OpenEdge Replication agent (name) or all OpenEdge Replication agents (ALL).
The database must be a valid source database that is online.
The OpenEdge Replication server must be running.
If the name of the agent or names of all of the agents specified are currently active, an error will be returned.
If the restart fails, an error will be returned.
Success will be returned on successful completion.