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Reference : DSRUTIL canceldefer server qualifier

DSRUTIL canceldefer server qualifier

Instructs the OpenEdge Replication server to stop attempting to reconnect. This action is applicable only if the defer-agent-startup property was set to a valid non-zero time that has not yet expired.


dsrutil db-name -C canceldefer server


The name of the database to perform the action on. The name of the database must be the first argument and must be a valid name.
The advantage of using this command is that if you have connected to one of your required agents and you do not want to wait for the second, non-critical agent to connect, normal replication processing will begin and connection retries will stop.
The OpenEdge Replication agent that is connected and the OpenEdge Replication server will go through startup synchronization. Once synchronization is complete, normal replication activity will continue.
If you start the Replication server by using the defer-agent-startup parameter, you can still issue the canceldefer command after the Replication server has started the agent. The Replication agent status or log file contains a confirmation that the agent started successfully.