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Moving From Failure to Recovery with OpenEdge Replication : Transition : Configuring transition : Choosing either one or two target databases
Choosing either one or two target databases
OpenEdge Replication allows for the configuration of up to two target databases, though only one of the target databases can be used to automatically transition into a normal OpenEdge database. The target database that will automatically transition to a normal OpenEdge database in a failure condition is the first target database whose [control-agent.agent] properties in the file have critical set to 1 and transition set to auto.
If you set more than one target database to crtitical=1 and transition=auto, OpenEdge Replication recognizes only the first target database specified in the file for automatic transition. The second database must to be transitioned manually.
The target database you choose as critical is the database you can use as a hot standby should the source database become unavailable. This target database should be on a machine that has reliable TCP/IP connectivity and has the resources for clients to connect and perform database updates should your source database become unavailable.
Only one target database should be designated to transition. If you transition two target databases and users make updates to both databases, you will not have a single target database with which to resource your source database.