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Setting Up OpenEdge Replication : Accessing a running replication-enabled database : Accessing a target database

Accessing a target database

The type of access allowed on the target database depends on which OpenEdge Replication product you have installed and the activity being performed by the OpenEdge Replication agent, as follows:
*If OpenEdge Replication Plus is installed, any process can access the target database for read-only use. If updates are attempted, an error occurs.
*If OpenEdge Replication is installed, access to the target database is limited to the system-level tools shown in the table that follows.
Limited logins are allowed immediately after the agent completes its startup. Normal logins that allow the access listed in the table that follows are allowed after synchronization completes.
Table 9. Standard system-level access permitted to target database
Shut down
PROSHUT command to shut down the database
PROMON utility that displays database information
A background process that writes AI buffers to disk soon after they are filled
A background process that continually writes filled BI buffers to disk
The watchdog that cleans up after improperly terminated processes
OpenEdge Replication agent
Receives information from the OpenEdge Replication server and updates the target database
OpenEdge Replication Utility DSRUTIL
Allows you to perform specific OpenEdge Replication agent and target database commands
Database agent
Provides information to OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer about the status of the database
If the OpenEdge Replication agent is transitioning the target database to a normal OpenEdge database (one not enabled for replication), critical system-level commands are allowed to access the database, as shown in the table that follows. Transition refers to the changing of the database role after a database failure and is described in detail in the sections:
*Overview of database failure recovery
Table 10. System-level access to target database permitted during transition
System-level activity
Shut down
The PROSHUT command shuts down the database.
The PROMON utility displays database information.
The watchdog cleans up after improperly terminated processes.
When transition is complete and the target database becomes a normal OpenEdge database, all traditional database activity is allowed.
Connecting a client to a target database in read-only mode (-RO) is never allowed. If the target database transitions to a normal OpenEdge database, read-only mode is allowed.