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Working with XML
Command and Utility Reference : bproxsdto4gl utility

bproxsdto4gl utility

The bproxsdto4gl tool is a command line utility that extracts the definition of a table or data set from an XML Schema file (.xsd file) and converts it to a static ABL temp-table or static ProDataSet definition. By default, the definition is saved as an ABL include file (.i file).
    [ -output {output-directory-name|filename}]
    [ -element element-name ]
    [ -overridemapping ]
    [ -fieldtypemapping {field-mapping-file|string}]
    [ -noint64 ]
Displays a help message on the use of this utility.
The name of the XML Schema file containing the schema to convert into an ABL definition. xml-schema-filename can contain absolute or relative path information.
-output { output-directory | filename }
Overrides the default behavior for the generated ABL include file. If not specified, the utility names the output file after the source .xsd file (xsd-filename.i) and saves the file to the current directory. To use the default name, but specify a different directory, supply an absolute or relative path. To change the name of the file, specify it and include any necessary absolute or relative path information.
-element element-name
The top-level element declaration (the element's name) from the XML Schema file that identifies the table or data set that will be the source of the conversion to an ABL temp-table or ProDataSet definition.
Overrides the default data type mapping between XML Schema string and binary types when generating ABL field definitions from XML Schema. The XML Schema string data type maps to a CHARACTER field by default, and the XML Schema base64Binary and hexBinary data types map to a RAW field by default. If you specify overridemapping, XML Schema string will map to a CLOB field, and XML Schema base64Binary or hexBinary will map to a BLOB field.
-fieldtypemapping { field-mapping-file | field-mapping-string }
A string containing a comma-separated list of fieldname and data type pairs, or a file that contains the comma-separated list. This option allows you to specify the ABL data type for a specific field from the XML Schema. See XML Schema and ABL Data Type Mappings for more information on the default data type mapping between XML Schema and ABL.
This is the syntax for the string or file containing the pairs:
fieldname1, data-type1, fieldname2, data-type2 ...
If there are multiple buffers defined in the XML Schema, the fieldname must be qualified with the buffer name from the XML Schema. For example:
data-type must be a valid ABL data type for a temp-table field. For example: CLOB, BLOB, DATETIME, and so on.
Prior to OpenEdge Version 10.1B, the ABL INT64 data type did not exist and this utility mapped XML Schema types of xsd:long to the ABL DECIMAL data type. Use this option if you want to use the xsd:long to ABL DECIMAL mapping. Otherwise, xsd:long maps to INT64.