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Working with XML
Developing with XML in OpenEdge : Serializing ABL temp-tables and ProDataSets to and from XML : ABL support

ABL support

The serialization features are provided by the following methods on temp-tables, temp-table buffers, and ProDataSets:
*READ-XML( ) method — Reads an XML document into an ABL object
*READ-XMLSCHEMA( ) method — Reads an XML Schema document into a dynamic ABL object to create its definition
*WRITE-XML( ) method — Writes the contents of the ABL object to an XML document
*WRITE-XMLSCHEMA( ) method — Writes the ABL definition of an object to an XML Schema document
*SERIALIZE-ROW( ) method — Serializes the buffer's current row to JSON or XML
You do not need to be familiar with XML and XML Schema to use these methods and the associated attributes.