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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Building Clients for OpenEdge SOAP Web services : Mapping ABL procedures to SOAP messages : WSDL operation to client method prototype
WSDL operation to client method prototype
This is a VB.NET method prototype for the FindCustomerByNum operation defined in the WSDL file:

Interface method prototype generated from a WSDL operation definition

Public Sub FindCustomerByNum(
              ByVal CustomerNumber As Integer,
              ByRef CustomerName As String)
This prototype has basically the same information as the original ABL procedure prototype in FindCustomerByNum.p. In this case, ByVal specifies a value for the CustomerNumber parameter used for input, and ByRef specifies a reference to a variable for the CustomerName parameter used for output. Also, when VB.NET generates the client interface object that contains this method, the information provided in the WSDL portType, bindings, and service sections specify the object on which this method is defined (<portType>), the format of SOAP messages for this method (<binding>), and the location of the WSA instance to which the Web service is deployed (<port> within <service>).