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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Testing and Debugging OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Working with SOAP faults : Typical SOAP fault response message
Typical SOAP fault response message
The following is the content of a typical SOAP fault response that appears within the body of a WSA-generated SOAP fault message:
  <faultstring>An error was detected … request. (10893) </faultstring>
    <FaultDetail xmlns="http://servicehost:8080/wsa/wsa1">
      <errorMessage>The urn:OrderSvc:OrderInfo service is unavailable (10921)
Note that SOAP faults can be returned by the client's own SOAP libraries and might have a different XML definition for the contents encapsulated by the <detail> element, depending on the Web service client toolkit that is used. However, a SOAP fault generated by the OpenEdge WSA always includes an <error Message> and <requestID> element within the <detail> element section.
* WSA's <errorMessage> element
* WSA's <requestID> element